Slate Roof Cleaning



Cleaning your Slate Roof


Platinum One offers roof cleaning and maintenance plans for yourslate roof. We clean and maintain slate roofs in the Alpharetta area including:  Milton, Roswell, Marietta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Canton and Cumming, GA. Our low pressure power soft wash system is the safe way to clean your slate roof.


Slate shouldnít even be walked on when at all possible because itís too easy to break it and hard to replace. If you are thinking about cleaning your slate roof yourself, you should think again. A Slate roof is very slippery and dangerous. Even people in the best of shape have difficulty balancing on a slate roof. No one should walk on your slate roof unless absolutely necessary because slate is a quarried material that is difficult to match. We use our experience and low pressure soft wash power washing to give you slate roof a thorough and safe cleaning.



A  Slate Roof requires Professional Cleaning


It is easy to cause chips and cracks when you clean slate and in some situations it may be necessary to clean yearly to remove stains. Many stains on slate tiles are caused by algae or mildew growth. Algae will eat away at the slate, causing it to decay years earlier than it should. When streaks begin to appear on your slate it is past time for a roof cleaning.


Our cleaning professionals know certain cleaning materials can discolor your slate roof, and that certain techniques need to be used to keep from damaging your slate. Full pressure power washing should never be used on any roofing material, especially a slate roof.



The answer to cleaning your Slate Roof


Unfortunately, many fly-by-night individuals will go through an area, rent a power washing machine, and call themselves professional roof cleaners. Donít entrust just any pressure washing company to clean your slate roof.


The soft wash cleaning methods at Platinum One Soft Wash ensure your roof is cleaned and the slate stays intact. We understand slate and use our own formulas to keep your slate clean without staining or harming your roof.



Our 5 Year Warranty on Roof Cleaning


When we clean or soft wash your entire roof we include a 5 year spot free roof warranty. Our roof warranty is a treat it once and don't treat it again until it's needed style warranty. Our 5 year spot free roof warranty covers re-occurrences of mold, mildew and bacteria on the slate roofing surface for a period of five years (60 months) from the date of the original roof cleaning.


Give us a call and a Platinum One professional will provide you with a cost effective quote on cleaning your slate roof.  You can also request a free no obligation quote on cleaning your slate roof.