5 Year Roof Warranty



Our 5 Year Spot Free Roof Stain Warranty


Platinum One is fully authorized and certified with SoftWash Systems. When we clean or soft wash your entire roof we include a 5 year spot free roof warranty. Our roof warranty is a treat it once and don't treat it again until it's needed style warranty.


Our 5 Year warranty is prorated like a tire or battery warranty. Our warranty is designed to provide protection to your roof for up to five years. If your roof becomes stained again, within five years, we prorate the service life you received against the service life we warrantied, and completely retreat your roof.


If your roof meets the expected five years then no re-treatment under the warranty is necessary. We try to follow the adage ofif it isn't broken than don't fix it. This means to you, the roof owner, that we are only going to do what is necessary to keep your roof clean and free from fungal or bacterial infection.



We Warranty Against Re-Infestation


Our 5 year spot free roof warranty covers re-occurrences of mold, mildew and bacteria on the roofing surface for a period of five years (60 months) from the date of our original cleaning.


Our warranty also covers damages that might be caused by the re-occurrence of mold, mildew and bacteria within the five year warranty period.


SoftWash Systems will warranty the roof in the unlikely event that our men, equipment or chemicals cause proven damages to the roofing system.



We Guarantee Not to Negate the Manufacturer’s Warranty


SoftWash Systems guarantees that our equipment and-or chemicals will absolutely not negate your manufacturer’s warranty. If so, SoftWash Systems will become the warranty holder on your roof and act in the place of the manufacturer honoring their manufacturer’s warranty.


SoftWash Systems has honored this warranty for over twenty years. The warranty has never been called into question nor has there ever been a claim submitted for any other reason that a re-treatment. Our warranty is time proven and the industry standard.



Questions or Concerns?


Give us a call and a Platinum One Softwash expert can answer any question or concerns about our warranty. We can also answer any questions when responding to your free request for a quote for roof cleaning